The Kids Are Alright. But What About the Country?

Immigrant childrenThe past few days we’ve seen some pretty incredible news footage of thousands of kids coming from Central America. These are kids fleeing their home countries, like Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, all of them looking for asylum. They’ve been flowing across the border steadily since October of last year to the tune of over 52,000 of them.

It’s causing a serious crisis at the border and the TV news has been showing angry people refusing to let buses pass into their part of the country. Yelling and screaming, holding up poorly spelled and written signs, generally being ugly.

So why is this all happening? You could look to research and statistics that say the reason 58% of the kids who are coming here are leaving their homes because of safety concerns. There is a lot of violence in these far off places. El Salvador and Honduras are riddled with gangs who are involved in the drug trade.

Same thing going on through most of Central America and the idea of shipping children off to relatives living here in this country is too good to pass up. The only problem, it’s caused an influx of illegals into the U.S. not seen since Castro opened his jails and hundreds seeking asylum entered our shores from Cuba. [Read more…]

People to Palin: Zip It!

A recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal/Annenberg/NBC News has determined that a majority of Americans from all parts of the political spectrum have heard enough out of Sarah Palin.

image of sarah palin the so called mama grizzlyThe one time Vice Presidential hopeful and “Mama Grizzly” of the GOP is losing the public’s attention. The poll asked: Of all the current political figures, which one should shut their trap immediately? (They formulated the question a bit more elegantly than that, but you get the gist of it). Palin was the top vote-getter with 54%.

I’ve never been much of a Sarah Palin fan myself. I think she was thrust into the spotlight too quickly and it derailed John McCain’s Presidential campaign. This guy was next in line, he’d paid his dues, it was his time to get the American people on his side.

I had planned on voting for him the second he won the nomination because I thought he had the right moderate views where necessary and he was a staunch conservative in the ways that I believed were correct. At the time, I thought he was getting the American voters on his side as well with a platform that was well-balanced for a Republican candidate. [Read more…]

Boehner is Suing Obama

The House Republicans are suing Obama because his administration has delayed the employer mandate in the health care law. Speaker Boehner has made a big show of his intention to bring suit against the White House and has released a draft of his resolution for Congress to authorize him to file it.

Image of House of Rep Speak Jon BoehnerI’m going to use a few quotes in this post, to better illustrate some of what the key players here have said because I think they’re important in this case.

Boehner came out with a succinct explanation behind his actions. At least in some capacity: “In 2013, the president changed the health care law without a vote of Congress, effectively creating his own law by literally waiving the employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with it,” Boehner said in a statement. “That’s not the way our system of government was designed to work. No president should have the power to make laws on his or her own.”

That statement is really a placeholder of sorts to try and explain why the suit has been filed. The House Republicans have said they want to sue him because of his use of executive actions. Obama has said he’s taking action because the Congress won’t do anything.

Boehner is saying he’s protecting the Constitution but Obama says the whole thing is just a big stunt. “I mean, think about that,” Obama said: “You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job, while you don’t do your job.”

The Democrats are rallying behind their President and calling the House suit frivolous, of course.

Here’s my take. Congress is doing nothing and there is a lot of gridlock in the nation’s Capitol. But Obama can’t act on his own, that’s why we have this system in place. But is a lawsuit the way to go here? No. Stop wasting the taxpayers’ money and time with frivolous publicity stunts. All this is going to do is mobilize the base of each party, each one using this to raise money for the upcoming elections.

This isn’t going to do anything of much note. This won’t get the immigration mess solved, it won’t take care of any of the other ills that the country is undergoing at the moment.

Business as usual in Washington. So what else is new on K Street and Pennsylvania Avenue?

If You Live in Dallas, You Better Be a Cowboys Fan

Folks around here love them Cowboys. Everywhere you look, you’re going to see that blue star on the trucks, storefront windows, I know a guy who’s got it tattooed on his arm. I’m not much for tattoos myself but I guess he felt the need to do something like that to show everybody the Cowboys are his favorite team.

The Dallas Cowboys are Americas TeamYes sir, the Cowboys are a way of life in this city.

You really have to be from around here to appreciate the team and its fans. The Cowboys were pretty good in the 70’s but they were a downright dynasty in the 90’s. Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, the list goes on. Those fellas brought this town to unrivaled glory in 92, 93, and 95, against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who we considered to be arch-rivals for quite some time ever since the 70’s and the Super Bowl battles that took place.

We have a polarizing owner in Jerry Jones. You either love him or you don’t. Around here, we love him for the most part, though some fans think he’s hurting the team by acting as his own GM. The man is an eternal optimist. It’s never as bad as it seems with him. In fact, when we’re looking our worst, that’s when Jerry puts on his best face. Everything is fine, and we’re going to stick with the coach that’s seeing us through a five game losing streak and a long-term drought of playoff appearances. He did that with Wade, he’s stuck with Jason Garrett. He’s even stuck with Tony Romo through thick and thin.

Romo. Now there’s a guy who has been through Hell and back. Poor sonofabitch just can’t seem to get out of his own way sometimes. I mean, here’s a guy who has yet to even sniff the Super Bowl even in the year when it’s going to be held at Jerry’s stadium. The guy puts up great numbers every year, he’s always right there, holding his own with the other big time QB’s in the league, making plays, throwing touchdowns.

Then the end of the season comes around, like week fifteen, when all the Cowboys have to do is win their last two games of the year and they’re in the playoffs. They’ll even be playing teams like the Browns and the Eagles, squads that they can easily beat. But lo and behold, Tony throws the dreaded interception that he’s known for in the crucial moments of the game and it all falls away. Bye bye postseason. It’s too bad, because Romo is a tough bastard. The guy plays with busted ribs, wins tough games in mid-season. But it all collapses around him at the end.

Dallas fans feel relish every victory, feel every crushing defeat. You bet we’ve had our share of winning in the past. We’ve got five rings and been to the big game eight times, tied with the Steelers for that record in appearances. We know about winning. But we’ve had our fair share of losing too.

It’s time for that to stop now. How about we start with the 2015 season? Sounds about right to me.